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In another tragic incident within the heart of Balochistan’s mining hub, disaster struck when the ceiling of a chamber collapsed under the weight of heavy rainfall in the Meraj Coal area of Dukki District. The unfortunate incident unfolded amidst a relentless nocturnal deluge, claiming the lives of five diligent laborers. This loss has plunged the community into grief and underscored the perilous circumstances confronting those toiling in the coal mines of the region.

Per details from sources within the law enforcement agency, the deceased individuals, identified as Inayatullah s/o Musa Jan from the Kakar tribe of Karn Mehtharzai, Ibrahim s/o Sirajuddin from the Kakar tribe of Zhob, Wali s/o Abdullah Jan, Sadruddin s/o Nasir, and Zafoor s/o Major representing the Musa Khel tribe of District Musa Khel, were among the victims of this tragic collapse.

Witnesses recounted that the laborers were wrapping up their night shift, preparing to exit the mine as dawn approached. Unbeknownst to them, nature had a cruel twist in store. As they made their way out, the weight of the collapsing roof descended upon them, trapping them beneath the rubble.

Prompt response from local workers and emergency teams ensued, endeavoring to rescue those trapped under the debris. Despite their heroic efforts, it took a painstaking two hours to recover the bodies from the wreckage, serving as a somber reminder of the hazards inherent in the mining profession, particularly in regions prone to harsh weather conditions.

The incident has reverberated throughout the close-knit mining community, sparking demands for enhanced safety protocols and stricter regulatory measures to protect the lives of those engaged in Balochistan’s coal mining sector. As grieving families mourn their loved ones and the community grapples with the aftermath, authorities face mounting pressure to prevent such tragedies from recurring and to ensure that those laboring underground receive the necessary safeguards and protections.

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