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QUETTA: In a pivotal move towards bolstering the fisheries sector in Balochistan, the Technical Working Group (TWG) convened the other day, following a significant meeting held on May 8th. Led by the Secretary of Fisheries and Coastal Development, Mir Imran Gichki, the TWG session in P&D witnessed the unveiling of the draft bill on Balochistan Fisheries by the Legal Advisor of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Throughout the gathering, each proposed amendment underwent rigorous scrutiny and discussion, underscoring the commitment to fostering sustainable development within the fisheries domain. Notable attendees included the Station Commander of the Pakistan Navy in Quetta, the Chief of Maritime Affairs from the Ministry of Defense, representatives from the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), the CEO of the Fisheries Development Board, alongside other key stakeholders.

The collaborative effort showcased a forward-looking approach, with stakeholders offering valuable insights and suggestions aimed at optimizing the draft bill’s efficacy. The comprehensive deliberations underscored the collective resolve to address pertinent challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities within Balochistan’s fisheries sector.

As discussions progress, stakeholders remain poised to navigate the complexities of policy formulation and implementation, with a shared vision of advancing the socio-economic landscape and promoting environmental sustainability across Balochistan’s coastal regions.

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