The appetite for the latest credible information and news continues to grow worldwide. Information technology has empowered human beings to interact from a distance of thousands of miles with each other. The world has now practically become a global village in the aftermath of the information technology revolution. Newspapers, the mushroom growth of TV channels in Pakistan, and radio stations remained the most popular medium for delivering news for decades. However, the growth of the internet, news websites, mobile apps, and social media changed the trend. Quetta Voice, Balochistan’s first digital and print newspaper has been providing news across Pakistan. Quetta Voice is also providing the latest and credible information, news, and opinion of experts in various fields to social media users through Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram. Since the mainstream national media always ignored Balochistan in terms of coverage. Therefore, this newspaper stepped forward to keep the entire country updated about unfolding political, economic, social, cultural stories relating to Balochistan. The province, which covers half of the country in terms of area is lagging behind other provinces in 10 social indicators including education, health, sanitation, clean drinking water, etc. This newspaper has given top priority to education, health, climate change in reporting. Despite article 25-A of the Constitution that declares education free and compulsory, over 1 million children in Balochistan are still out of schools. Government-run hospitals also paint a bleak picture across Balochistan. The province is also prone to all-natural disasters including earthquakes, floods, drought, etc. These are the underlying reasons, this daily is especially focusing on these areas to mount pressure on policy-makers to frame policies to protect the fundamental rights, lives, and interests of people. Beyond terrorism and other incidents, the newspaper is trying to portray a positive and soft image of Balochistan across the country. The Website continues to keep the visitors/readers updated about all unfolding stories relating to Balochistan with credible sources and authentic information.