Riaz Baloch:

CHAGHI: In a successful operation, the levies personnel apprehended two robbers, recovered weapons near Pak-Afghan border Chaghi district on Tuesday. The operation resulted in the apprehension of two robbers who had been operating in the area, leaving a trail of criminal activity in their wake, Major Risaldar Tahir Khan Zarkoon, speaking on the operation said.

He highlighted the seamless collaboration between his team and the Levies, emphasizing the critical role of timely intelligence in executing successful operations in such challenging terrain.

The encounter unfolded in the rugged expanse of Mokentok, where the robbers, identified as Pervez and Nazir, resorted to gunfire upon encountering the law enforcement team. However, swift and decisive action by the authorities led to the apprehension of the perpetrators, albeit in injured conditions, following an intense exchange of fire.

The seized items included a cache of stolen goods, a motorcycle believed to be used in their criminal activities, as well as cash and weapons found in their possession. The recovery of these items marks a significant victory in the ongoing efforts to combat crime along the border region.

The injured suspects were promptly transported to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention, underlining the commitment of the authorities to uphold both law and humanity in their operations. Meanwhile, further investigations into the activities of Pervez and Nazir are currently underway, with authorities determined to unravel any additional criminal networks they may be associated with.

The successful outcome of this joint operation underscores the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies in combating cross-border crime, safeguarding the interests of citizens, and ensuring peace and security in the region.

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