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QUETTA: In a bid to instill a sense of responsibility among the youth, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) (Balochistan) organized a seminar titled “Role of Students in Eradication of Corruption” at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta.

Deputy Directors of NAB (Balochistan), including Mr. Khuram Shehzad and Ms. Saleha Zaman, along with esteemed faculty members Dr. Shumaila Mazhar and Ms. Noureen Lehri, convened with a passionate gathering of female students. The seminar aimed to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of corruption on society and empower students to take action against it.

Mr. Khuram Shehzad, Deputy Director of NAB (Balochistan), passionately addressed the audience, emphasizing the urgent need for collective action against corruption. He highlighted the various manifestations of corruption, including nepotism and favoritism, which undermine the fabric of society and impede economic progress. Stressing the pivotal role of awareness, he urged students to join NAB’s efforts in combating corruption, citing it as the most viable option for its eradication in nations like Pakistan.

Dr. Shumaila Mazhar and Ms. Noureen Lehri from the university elucidated on the impact of corruption on the youth and proposed strategies to tackle this pervasive issue.

The seminar concluded with an awareness walk, symbolizing the collective resolve of Deputy Director NAB Ms. Saleha Zaman, faculty members, and students to combat corruption and foster a more transparent and accountable society.

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