Jacobabad, One of the hottest cities on earth  


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Jacobabad, One of the hottest cities on earth  

Aqsa Arshad

Jacobabad District is a district in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It is located in the north of Sindh, by the provincial boundary with Balochistan. Its headquarters is the town of Jacobabad which was founded by General John Jacob in 1847. The population of Jacobabad District is 1,0006,297 according to the 2017 census. Density consumed 370/km2(970/sq) with four numbers of Tehsils. 98% of the population speak Sindhi while 3% are native Balochi speakers.

Historical Background

The old name of Jacobabad was Khanghar in 1847 by General John Jacob later on when he died the village named Jacob in 1952 Jacocabad is famous for Victoria Clock Tower in remembrance of John Jacob situated in the heart of the city.

Geographical Conditions

Jacobabad is noted for its consistently high temperature recorded in Pakistan, 126 degrees farheniet (52 degrees centigrade). The region is rich in rice and grain cultivation. The flora of Jacobabad consists of shrubs (cono, carpus) small plants not many trees, and fauna cows, hens, buffalos, camels. The traditional functions arranged every year in February in which camel fighting and cattle show is the most favorites for the visitor.

Economic Contribution

Endowed with coastal access, Sindh is a major center of economic activity in Pakistan and has a highly diversified economy ranging from heavy industry and finance centered in and around Karachi to a substantial agricultural base along the Indus. Manufacturing includes machine products, cement, plastics, and various other goods. Sindh is Pakistan’s most natural gas-producing province. Agriculture is very important in Sindh with cotton, rice, wheat, sugar cane, bananas, and manages as the most important crops. Sindh is the richest province in natural resource production.

Weather Conditions

Weather is a bit dusty because of polluted air, open drainage, and garbage system on roads which have a direct impact on the environment after all contributing largely to water and air pollution open garbage on roads adversely impacting the environment and health of people. Polluted water near canals to open roads giving breed to mosquitoes due to which malaria cases recorded a lot every year in Jacobabad. The village is now well organized having Shaheed Benazir Bhutto park which is a famous picnic point.


Summing up over all the exploring the city Jacobabad the Government should take step towards environmental issues by banning rice and other various factories open in main city region which is contributing a lot to air pollution. The District head should plant more trees in the city so that to overcome such environmental issues Jacobabad will be an attractive place for visitors.

The author is studying at the Department of Environmental Sciences at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta. She can be contacted at  [email protected] .com

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