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Government employees blocked main hockey chowk in Quetta in support of their demands: Photo Ashraf Tareen

Protests paralyze traffic system in Quetta

Editorial : 

Government employees’ protest has almost paralyzed the traffic system of Quetta and compounded the problems of the masses. It is very difficult for patients to reach hospitals, students to reach their classrooms, and officials to ensure timely presence in offices. Neither the government nor the protesting employees feel the difficulties of the masses.

Parts of the city turned into protest camps

Some parts of the city including Hockey Chowk, civil hospital chowk, Adalat road, T&T chowk turned into protest camps. At the same time, there are five protest camps established outside the Quetta Press Club. This has really compounded the problems of citizens. The employees are demanding a 25 percent increase in their salaries.

However, the government has refused to do so. Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has put some valid questions. Are people satisfied with the performance of employees? The answer is definitely negative. However, the Chief Minister should take the initiative and meet the protesting employees to end their protest.

Let the citizens heave a sigh of relief 

The citizens would heave a sigh of relief indeed. No doubt, the government is not in a position to pay extra Rs. 15bs to the employees. Priority has to be given to the voiceless class of society. The number of government employees is around 2,60000. They are far better than millions of jobless people. The world has stopped giving permanent jobs rather jobs are given on a contract basis.

The contract is renewed after yearly appraisal. The government needs to follow the formula of developed countries when it comes to jobs and service delivery. We have to learn from advanced countries.

Create opportunities for jobless youth 

There is no dearth of talent and commitment. It is all about opportunities and facilities. The number of unemployed educated youth in Balochistan is in the thousands. The government should take the benefits of this manpower for the development and prosperity of the country and nation. However, CM Jam Kamal needs to take initiative and tackle the issue of employees’ protest politically. Political approach rather than use of force should be applied.

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