Island of the Seven Slopes
File photo of Astola Island

Island of the Seven Slopes

Hafiza Nimra Fayyaz

Astola Island, which is locally called “Haft Talar”, or Island of the Seven Slopes, Rough
Mountains that cover 6.7 km2 island with a tallness of around 240 feet over the ocean level, was
pronounced as Pakistan’s, to begin with, Marine Ensured Range on 15 June 2017. It is the biggest
uninhabited island in the country.

The Island is known for a well-variety of fowl fauna comprising of 19 earthly and 87 sea-going
fowls happening on the Island. Astola Island’s sandy shoreline gives living space to numerous
fowl species and the imperiled green turtle and hawksbill turtle, and its waters are domestic to
around 35 species of coral, as well as a few species of dolphin, whale, and angle. The saw-scaled
snake (Echis carinatus astrolabe) is endemic to the island including nine species of ocean snakes that possess the subtidal environments around the Island. Concurring to WWF-Pakistan 82 species of earthly plants from there.

The island moreover harbors wealthy marine creatures, counting 23 species of difficult coral and a number of soft corals. The Middle Eastern humpback whale, which’s considered to be one of the rarest marine warm-blooded animals is also found in the area. The ensured, debilitated and imperiled species such as shellfish, sharks, whales, whale sharks, and guitarfish have been from the Island. Coral environments harbor the most elevated biodiversity of any biological system all-inclusive and straightforwardly bolster over 500 million individuals around the world, generally in destitute nations.

Corals are among the foremost undermined environments on Soil, generally due to uncommon worldwide warming and climate changes, combined with developing nearby pressures Number of proposals for the preservation of fauna/flora components and maintainability of a clean
and secured living space at Astola Island. Regular checking of the Preservation and
Administration Arrange to be created and executed to create the region as a Critical Biodiversity
zone extraordinarily for the advancement of ecotourism in collaboration with Tourism
Advancement Enterprise.

Nesting by thousands of green turtles on the Island could be an interesting highlight of the Island. Essentially, the presence of an Endemic wind species on a little Island in the Middle Eastern Ocean moreover includes the significance of the Island. In this manner, the environment of this marine secured region must be kept normal and any kind of formative exercises must be maintained a strategic distance from.

The author is a student of environmental science at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University in Quetta 

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