Bolan: A Tremendous Valley
A view of Bolan tourist point. Scores of tourists thronged towards the rugged mountains to enjoy weekend: Photo Yaseen Khan

Tourists throng towards Bolan Pass

Staff Reporter :

Scores of tourists from Quetta and other parts of Balochistan thronged towards the historic Bolan pass to enjoy the sunny day. Tourists established camps on the roadside near flowing water in heap of stones at various locations in the rugged mountains of Bolan. “We are enjoying clean water and beautiful atmosphere”, Abdullah Khan, a tourist said.

Like Khan, scores of tourists in their vehicles, motorcycles reached the mountains on Saturday evening (the weekend) to spend nights. The flow of water in clean stones improved after better and timely rainfall this year.

“We have come here to pass weekend”, Muhammad Ajmal, another tourist stated. Ajmal was half-lying along with other colleagues near flowing clean water.

Bolan pass remains the scene of terror attacks in the near past. However, peace has returned to the Bolan Pass in the aftermath of successful operations by security forces. Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan, and the outgoing Commander Southern Command, Lieutenant Waseem Ashraf had recently inaugurated a tourist point in the mountains.

Government promoting tourism in Balochistan: Jam KamalĀ 

“We are committed to promoting tourism in Balochistan”, Jam Kamal Khan, the Chief Minister Balochistan said. He said various picnic points established to attract national and international tourists to Balochistan.

The historic Bolan pass connects Balochistan with Sindh and other parts of the country. The railway line laid down by the British rulers also snakes through the rugged mountains of the Bolan Pass.

“Bolan has a natural beauty and we always come here on Saturday”, Muhammad Naeem, a young tourist said. Some people were also dancing on the beat of drums to enjoy the clean atmosphere and the silence of nature in Bolan pass.

Poor, narrow road main hurdle for tourists

However, poor road condition remains one of the major concern of tourists. Tourists have been facing a lot of problems owing to poor road conditions. “Government must construct better road to facilitate the people”, Ajmal demanded.

Most of the tourists complained about narrow, dangerous and poor road that passes through Bolan mountains.

Tourists throng towards Bolan Pass

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