Women Empowerment in Balochistan

Women Empowerment in Balochistan

Editorial :

The Balochistan cabinet deserves to be appreciated for approving the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Policy 2020. This was a long-standing demand of human and women rights activists and members of civil society. Indeed, this is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to women empowerment and gender equality in Balochistan.

The underlying reason behind the amendment in women empowerment policy 2013 is to provide space for women to play their due role in politics, social issues. Under the approved policy, women will be having the freedom to play their role in promotion of sports in the province.

Women in Balochistan are deprived of political, social, cultural, and economic rights despite the fact that they make more than 50 percent population of the province. The female literacy rate is the lowest in Balochistan as compared to other parts of the country. Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan-led government announced a stipend program for girls students to boost the female literacy rate in the province recently.

The government needs to translate its words into action with regard to the implementation of the policy so that women could get their constitutional and legal rights. Most of the women segment of society in Balochistan are unaware of the policy since they have no social and political power to get information. In a male-dominated society, most of the women are confined to the four walls of their houses with no clue of the globe.

Right or wrong, men make political, social, cultural, and economic decisions about their fate. Very few women that too in urban Balochistan have come out of their homes to serve society. Despite odds, there is no dearth of committed women in Balochistan. However, the silent and helpless majority is still confined to four walls of the house. During the current year, a sharp rise has been witnessed in acts of violence against women in Balochistan.

The new policy is a good omen. Moreover, it needs to be fully implemented. UN Women Sub-Office Balochistan also extended technical support to the provincial government in framing the policy. Now it is about time for the Balochistan government UN Women, Aurat Foundation, and other key stakeholders to put their heads together to ensure implementation of the policy. Action should match words. A comprehensive strategy needs to be evolved for the implementation of the policy guaranteeing the rights of women.

Women Empowerment in Balochistan

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