Governor Balochistan, Malik Abdul Wali Kakar and Caretaker CM Balochistan, Ali Mardan Domki during launching ceremony of IT project: Photo provided by the author

Manzoor Magsi: 

In a bid to unlock the untapped potential of Balochistan’s unemployed youth, a groundbreaking Information Technology (IT) initiative program has been unveiled. The program, announced during a ceremony held in Quetta, the provincial capital, is set to revolutionize the prospects of Balochistan’s young workforce. With the support of the Caretaker Chief Minister, Provincial Ministers, and senior government officials, this initiative aims to provide modern IT courses including artificial intelligence that can be accessed by both men and women, regardless of their educational background or geographic location.


Governor Balochistan, Malik Wali Kakar addressing the IT launching project function

IT skills important

The optimism surrounding this initiative is palpable, and it’s not without reason. Balochistan boasts a pool of talented and hardworking youth who have long been hindered by the lack of opportunities and infrastructure. This IT program represents a significant step towards harnessing their latent skills and talents. In today’s world, education alone is no longer sufficient; it must be complemented with practical skills.

The aspiration is clear equip Balochistan’s youth not only with degrees but also with modern skills that are in high demand in the job market. This initiative recognizes that the youth of Balochistan should not only be job seekers but also potential job creators. It is envisioned that after just a few months of training through this IT program, those who were once searching for government jobs will have the capacity to provide employment to others.

IT sector opens new vistas for youth

In today’s ever-evolving political economy, information technology plays a pivotal role. It opens doors to a myriad of emerging professions and opportunities that are shaping the modern world. Balochistan’s youth will not only gain technical skills but also intellectual guidance to navigate the challenges of this rapidly changing landscape. The program acknowledges the importance of adaptability and critical thinking, skills that are crucial in the digital age.

This initiative is part of a broader vision for Balochistan’s development, and it marks the beginning of the second phase in the journey to empower the province’s youth. The commitment of the government, the enthusiasm of professionals, and the potential of Balochistan’s youth together form a potent formula for success. As this IT initiative program takes root, we can anticipate a brighter future for the youth of Balochistan, one where they become the architects of their destiny and active participants in the global knowledge economy.

This writer is a former Press Secretary to the Chief Minister of Balochistan, currently working as Assistant Director of Public Relations at the Government of Balochistan.

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