Corona Virus: death toll rises to 3200 globally

Iran motivating a team of 300000 medical workers to battle the virus


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The Corona Virus has claimed 3200 lives globally and affected people over 70 countries worldwide. The majority of the people have been affected in the mainland China where the virus was initially reported from the country’s Wuhan  province.

The Corona virus has also affected over 92000 people worldwide, causing panic among the people with millions of children deprived of schooling.

In Iran, the authorities confirmed 77 deaths caused by corona virus. Iranian media reported that the number of affected people from virus is 2300 including 23 members of the  parliament, which makes 8 percent of the total members of parliament. Iran has also formed a medical force comprising 300000 to battle the deadly virus.

23 members of Iran’s parliament tested positive for Coronavirus

In Pakistan, so far five cases of the corona virus have been reported. Dr. Zafar Mirza, the prime minister’s adviser on health said all five  people tested positive for the virus had a travel history of Iran. Pakistan has already closed its borders with neighboring Iran and Afghanistan in the wake of corona virus cases reported from the two countries.

South Korea is another worst hit country because of the corona virus. The President of South Korea has cancelled foreign trips to monitor and review arrangements to  cope with the virus, spreading throughout the country.

In Saudi Arabia, so far one corona virus case has been reported. The authorities in Saudi Arabia have also been kept on high alert to dealt with the situation.

Worldwide, the countries have suspended flights to the affected territories and scaled down people to people contact with affected countries.

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