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QUETTA: In an effort to ensure Balochistan receives its fair share of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Chief Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti has suggested forming a parliamentary committee. This proposal was presented during a Balochistan Assembly session on Monday evening, chaired by Speaker Captain (Retd) Khaliq Achakzai.

Chief Minister Bugti stressed the importance of a unified approach to advocating for Balochistan’s interests at the federal level. “We want to include the opposition and achieve consensus to effectively represent Balochistan’s case in CPEC projects,” he said. Bugti recommended that the parliamentary committee comprise members from both the treasury and opposition benches to collectively address the province’s issues and ensure its participation in the profitable CPEC initiatives.

Asad Baloch Lashes Out At The Government

Nevertheless, the session revealed significant discontent among opposition members. Asad Baloch, leader of the Balochistan National Party Awami, condemned the government for allegedly sidelining the province in the CPEC projects. “This is a clear injustice to the people of Balochistan. We demand justice and a platform where our voices can be heard,” Baloch declared passionately.

Opposition leader Mir Younas Zehri also voiced his concerns. He pointed out that the opposition had not been involved in discussions regarding the proposed parliamentary committee. “The opposition was not taken into confidence about the formation of this committee. This lack of communication contradicts the consensus the government claims to seek,” Zehri remarked.

The session highlighted the urgent need for dialogue and cooperation between the government and opposition to ensure Balochistan’s fair participation in CPEC. The success of the proposed parliamentary committee will depend on genuine collaboration across party lines.

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