Spokesman Government of Balochistan, Shahid Rind Addressing A Press Conference: Photo Daily Quetta Voice

Manan Mandokhail:

QUETTA: In a significant move, the Balochistan Cabinet has approved a bill aimed at preventing child marriages in the province. This decision was announced by Balochistan government spokesperson Shahid Rind during a press conference held in Quetta. The bill, which forms part of a comprehensive 30-point agenda discussed in the cabinet meeting, is a major step towards safeguarding the rights and well-being of children in Balochistan.

Spokesperson Rind highlighted the importance of this bill, noting that it is a crucial measure to protect minors from the physical and psychological impacts of early marriage. “The Balochistan government is committed to ensuring the protection and development of our youth,” Rind stated. “This bill will help us address a serious issue that affects the future of our children.”

In addition to the child marriage prevention bill, the cabinet approved several other key initiatives:

  • Merger of Federal and Provincial Levies: The cabinet has constituted a committee to oversee the merger of federal levies with provincial levies, aiming to streamline and strengthen law enforcement in the region.
  • Forensic Laboratory Approval: To enhance criminal investigation capabilities, the cabinet approved the establishment of a forensic laboratory in Balochistan.
  • Women Police Station in Sibi: In a move to improve gender-responsive policing, the cabinet has approved the setting up of a women police station in Sibi, which will help address women’s specific safety and security concerns.
  • Merit-Based Police Appointments: Rind emphasized that future police appointments will be based strictly on merit, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the recruitment process.
  • Student Safety Abroad: The cabinet has also dispatched committee members to ensure the safe return of Balochistani students stranded in Kyrgyzstan, reflecting the government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens abroad.
  • Resolution of Teacher Appointments: The issue of teacher appointments, which has been a longstanding concern, will be resolved in the coming days, according to Rind.

During the press conference, Rind also addressed other pressing issues, including the federal oversight of matters in Chaman and the coordination required between federal and provincial authorities.

“The Balochistan government is working diligently on multiple fronts to ensure the welfare and development of our province,” Rind concluded. The cabinet’s decisions reflect a broad and proactive approach to governance, addressing issues from law enforcement to education and international student safety.

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