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Syed Ali Shah: 

QUETTA: A significant high-level meeting convened under the chairmanship of Balochistan Chief Minister, Mir Sarfraz Bugti to address the evolving situation along the Pak-Afghan border. With heightened tensions and ongoing challenges, the Chief Minister emphasized the need for dialogue and cooperation to resolve outstanding issues.

During the session, Chief Minister Bugti directed efforts towards resolving issues through diplomatic channels, highlighting the importance of open communication and collaboration between stakeholders. In a proactive move, a high-level delegation, spearheaded by Speaker Provincial Assembly and Interior Minister Balochistan, is scheduled to engage with stakeholders in the Chaman area, further cementing the commitment to dialogue and consensus-building.

Over 220,000 Illegal Immigrants Repatriated Through Chaman Border

One of the focal points of discussion was the issue of illegal immigration, with the Home Department reporting that approximately 220,000 illegal immigrants have been repatriated from Balochistan thus far. Chief Minister Bugti underscored the constitutional obligation to implement national decisions, reaffirming the commitment to upholding the law while ensuring the welfare of affected individuals.

In addition to addressing immediate concerns, Chief Minister Bugti emphasized the importance of the Chaman Master Plan in revitalizing local economic activities. He stressed that the provincial government stands ready to provide necessary relief and support to affected communities.

CM Directs To Engage With All Stakeholders

Furthermore, Chief Minister Bugti expressed willingness to engage with all stakeholders, including political parties and civil society, to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach to resolving border-related issues. He reiterated the government’s dedication to maintaining the rule of law and preserving the constitutional framework.

Despite recent criticisms and protests, Chief Minister Bugti reaffirmed the government’s commitment to dialogue and constructive engagement, highlighting the importance of finding peaceful solutions to complex challenges. He announced his intention to personally visit Chaman next week, underscoring the government’s hands-on approach to addressing border concerns.

As discussions continue and efforts intensify to address the Pak-Afghan border situation, Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti’s leadership underscores the province’s commitment to stability, dialogue, and constitutional governance.

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