File Photo: Members of Balochistan Assembly congratulating Quddus Bizenjo after his election as CM Balochistan: Photo Manan Mandokhail

Manan Mandokhail, Syed Ali Shah: 

QUETTA: In a significant move, the Balochistan Assembly, in a rare display of unity, passed a unanimous resolution on Monday demanding the provincial government to declare April 4 as a public holiday. The resolution holds special significance as it commemorates the martyrdom of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) founder, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, a towering figure in the nation’s history.

Mir Zahoor Buledi, a prominent PPP member, underscored the importance of honoring the legacy of Z A Bhutto while advocating for the feasibility of the resolution. “April 4 marks a solemn day in our history, as it symbolizes the sacrifice of a leader who championed democracy and constitutionalism,” Buledi remarked passionately during the assembly session.

The sentiment resonated across the aisles, with members from both the opposition and the treasury benches paying rich tributes to the late PPP leader. Mir Sadiq Umrani, a seasoned party leader, condemned Bhutto’s demise as “a judicial and political murder” and emphasized his unwavering commitment to democratic principles.

The call for commemorating April 4 as a public holiday found unanimous support among lawmakers, reflecting the deep reverence for Bhutto’s contributions to the nation’s political landscape. Deputy Speaker Ghazala Gola put the resolution to vote, which was promptly endorsed by the entire house.

Bakht Kakar, another PPP lawmaker, echoed the sentiments of his colleagues, urging the government to recognize Bhutto’s sacrifices by declaring April 4 as a day of remembrance. “We owe it to Bhutto’s legacy to honor his memory,” Kakar asserted passionately.

Amidst the fervor of honoring Bhutto’s legacy, Meena Majeed, a PPP lawmaker, also paid tribute to the security forces engaged in combating terrorism in Gwadar and Turbat areas of Balochistan. “While we commemorate Bhutto’s sacrifice, let’s not forget the brave soldiers defending our land and people,” Majeed emphasized, acknowledging the sacrifices made by the security personnel.

The bipartisan consensus achieved in the assembly underscored the significance of Bhutto’s enduring legacy and the unity of purpose among Balochistan’s representatives. With the adoption of the resolution, April 4 is poised to become a day of reflection and remembrance, honoring a statesman who dedicated his life to the cause of democracy and the rule of law.

In a symbolic conclusion to the session, the chair adjourned the proceedings indefinitely, marking a historic moment of unity and reverence in the Balochistan Assembly.

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