SHO Abdul Sattar Samalani addressing a press conference

Riaz Baloch:

CAHGHI: In a recent crackdown on drug smuggling, Dalbandin’s SHO, Abdul Sattar Samalani, spearheaded a successful operation resulting in the recovery of 40 kilograms of high-quality opium. Addressing the media at the police station, SHO Samalani recounted the daring chase near the Syed Karam Shah check post, where a Zamiyad vehicle was intercepted by vigilant officers.

According to SHO Samalani, the intercepted vehicle, suspected of smuggling narcotics, was pursued by law enforcement until it was apprehended in Surgal. Despite the driver’s escape, law enforcement officials managed to secure the illicit cargo, valued at millions of rupees.

“The diligent efforts of our team have thwarted a significant drug smuggling attempt,” remarked SHO Samalani. “This seizure not only prevents the distribution of harmful substances but also deals a blow to criminal networks profiting from such activities.”

The search for the perpetrators remains ongoing, with authorities committed to bringing them to justice. Further investigations into the incident are currently underway, underscoring law enforcement’s unwavering dedication to combating drug trafficking in the region.

This recent operation reflects the proactive stance of Dalbandin’s law enforcement in preserving public safety and upholding the rule of law.

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