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Balochistan University’s faculty and staff members are enduring the hardship of going without pay for more than three consecutive months. Frustrated by this neglect, educators and employees have taken to the streets, obstructing the main Saryab Road to voice their grievances and compel the Balochistan government to promptly release their long-overdue wages.

Professor Kalimullah Barech, speaking on behalf of the Academic Staff Association, expressed profound dismay, remarking, “The non-payment of salaries in the sacred month of Ramadan is unacceptable” He reiterated that the failure to remunerate professors is intolerable, shining a light on the financial strain and instability faced by the university’s faculty members.

The demonstration has attracted the attention of provincial assembly members such as Ali Madad Jatak, Mir Liaqat Lehri, and Obaid Gorgeaig, who have joined in solidarity with the disgruntled educators. These lawmakers have provided assurances, pledging the government’s dedication to resolving the issue and prioritizing the advancement of education in Balochistan. Ali Madad Jattak emphasized the historical legacy of Balochistan University, noting its establishment by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

As the protest unfolds, traffic has ground to a halt, causing significant disruptions in the vicinity. Holding banners bearing demands for immediate salary disbursement, university teachers remain steadfast in their resolve. Nazeer Ahmed Lehri affirmed, “Our protest will endure until our rightful earnings are received,” echoing the determination of his colleagues to seek redress for their financial grievances.

The impasse on Saryab Road serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by educators in Balochistan, underscoring the urgent imperative for authorities to address the systemic issues impinging upon the livelihoods of those committed to shaping the educational landscape of the region.

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