Fisheries department seized four illegal trawlers in Gwadar: Photo provided by fisheries department Balochistan

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QUETTA: Under the visionary leadership of Secretary Fisheries, the Fisheries & Coastal Development Department, Mir Imran Gichki of the Government of Balochistan (GoB) has achieved yet another significant milestone for the local populace along the Balochistan coastline. Today, a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was announced, signaling the imminent signing between Balochistan and South Korea’s Wandoo County. This agreement heralds a new era of opportunity for seasonal transfer of local fishermen to the Republic of Korea.

Under the terms of this pioneering agreement, local fishermen from Balochistan will have the opportunity to migrate seasonally to South Korea, engaging in the vibrant fisheries sector. Workers will benefit from the E-8 Visa category, entitling them to 180-240 days in South Korea, where they will undertake fishery roles offering competitive wages. Moreover, participants will receive accommodation, protective gear, and comprehensive insurance coverage, with the potential for further opportunities based on performance metrics.

The pilot phase of this groundbreaking initiative will initially select 40-80 local fishermen, with provisions for expansion upon the project’s success. Notably, this partnership marks Balochistan’s first-of-its-kind collaboration with any nation, symbolizing a significant leap forward in economic empowerment and international cooperation.

This transformative initiative promises not only financial benefits for the local population but also represents a paradigm shift in enhancing skill development, fostering cultural exchange, and promoting sustainable growth within the fisheries sector.

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