University teachers staging a protest demonstration outside the Quetta Press Club

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QUETTA: In a resounding display of unity and resolve, the Joint Action Committee University of Balochistan, led by prominent figures including Professor Dr. Kaleemullah Bardich, Shah Ali Bugti, Nazir Ahmad Lehri, Farid Khan Achakzai, Nimatullah Kakar, Gul Jan Kakar, and others, took to the streets of Quetta to demand urgent action to resolve the pressing financial issues plaguing faculty members and staff of the esteemed University of Balochistan and its affiliated research centers.

Teachers outside the Quetta Press Club protesting

“The absence of salaries for our faculty and staff is unacceptable,” Bareech

“The absence of salaries for our faculty and staff is unacceptable,” declared Kaleem Bareech, a central leader of the academic staff association. He urged the Balochistan government to swiftly address the financial woes gripping the university and ensure the prompt disbursement of salaries owed to its employees.

With banners held high and voices echoing through the city’s thoroughfares, the protesters transformed the cityscape into a sea of demands, demanding resolute action to tackle the financial crisis.

Balochistan Government Criticized

Expressing dismay over the dire situation, Nazeer Ahmed Lehri, another vocal leader of the academic staff association, lamented the government’s failure to heed repeated appeals for assistance. “The continued neglect of the University of Balochistan’s issues is alarming,” he emphasized.

In a joint statement, the committee articulated grave concerns regarding the prolonged non-payment of salaries and pensions, the shortfall in the disbursement of November 2023 salaries, and the unfulfilled promise of a 35% increment outlined in the annual budget. Furthermore, they underscored the acute housing shortages faced by teachers, officers, and employees of research centers, exacerbating their plight.

Political Parties Urged To Support University Teachers

In a bid to amplify their demands and mobilize support, the committee has devised a comprehensive plan of action. A series of protest processions will traverse the city, starting from Jamia Balochistan and converging at strategic locations across Quetta. The culmination of these marches will be marked by the establishment of protest camps and a pivotal meeting at the Press Club.

The committee extends a fervent call to action to political parties, student organizations, the legal fraternity, and civil society, urging them to stand in solidarity and join the protest demonstration and rally. Together, they strive to champion the cause of the University of Balochistan’s faculty and staff, demanding swift and tangible solutions to alleviate their financial distress.

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