Security personnel extinguishing flames of fire in the forest: Photo provided by the author

Asif Kareem Khetran: 

BARKHAN: In a devastating turn of events, the serene beauty of Koh Jandran, a towering peak nestled between Barkhan and Kohlu, has been marred by a raging inferno. This lush green forest, renowned for its breathtaking vistas, has succumbed to flames that cast a haunting glow visible from afar.

Situated in the enclave of Tikh Jandran, a habitat cherished by the Syed community, this mountain serves as a lifeline for the locals. Their sustenance hinges on the rearing of livestock and the gathering of dry wood, which they trade in Barkhan city. However, despite the urgent need for intervention, the district administration has yet to mobilize significant measures to combat the relentless blaze.

For hours on end, the fire rages unchecked, ravaging acres of verdant terrain and threatening the livelihoods of countless inhabitants. Urgent action is imperative to quell the flames and safeguard the delicate ecosystem that sustains both flora and fauna alike.

However, finally, the authorities reached the spot after repeated appeals and extinguished the flames of fire.

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