News Desk: Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti emphasized the critical need for the presence of teachers in schools, as well as doctors and medical staff in hospitals, stressing that there will be no compromise on this matter.

Acknowledging the evolving demands of the modern era, Bugti highlighted the necessity of incorporating skills development programs alongside conventional education within educational institutions. He underscored the importance of professional development and training programs for enhancing the efficiency of the workforce within government departments.

During the meeting, which was attended by officials including Additional Chief Secretary Abdul Saboor Kakar and Secretaries Lal Jan Jafar and Babar Khan, Bugti emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between resources and development planning. He stressed the formulation of annual development programs within available financial resources, with a focus on minimizing deficits and gradually reducing dependence on the federal government.

Bugti Calls for Decentralization and Improved Governance

Bugti emphasized the need for decentralization of public interest departments such as education, health, and social welfare, to address regional-level issues at the local level effectively, thereby reducing public inconvenience.

Expressing concern over the unsatisfactory outcomes despite significant investments in the health and education sectors, Bugti underscored the importance of better governance and a positive direction to deliver sustainable development benefits to the people. He affirmed his readiness to withstand political pressure in pursuit of governance reforms and stressed the imperative of delivering results to the people.

CM Pledges Transparent Governance and Economic Reform

Bugti reiterated the commitment to establishing transparent governance by addressing systemic loopholes and implementing effective processes of accountability and responsibility. He also highlighted the challenges posed by the increasing pension bill and non-developmental expenses, emphasizing the need for effective financial planning to overcome these obstacles.

Finally, Bugti emphasized the importance of creating alternative sources of employment in various private sectors to combat unemployment effectively, emphasizing that government jobs alone are not a sustainable solution. As Bugti concluded, he reiterated his commitment to delivering tangible improvements to the lives of the people of Balochistan.

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