File photo: White carpet in Ziarat after heavy snowfall. Photo provided by the author

Asmat Hanafi, Yaqoob Kakar, Nafi Kakar: 

QUETTA, ZIARAT, KILLA SAIFULLAH: As winter maintains its grip, several parts of Balochistan woke up to a picturesque blanket of snow on Monday morning, painting the landscape in pristine white. However, the beauty of the snowfall brought with it a host of challenges for residents as gas and power supply disruptions added to the difficulties.

Kan Mehtarzai, Ziarat, Toba Kakarai, Quetta, and neighboring regions witnessed a significant snowfall, transforming the scenery into a winter wonderland. The snow-covered mountains stood as a majestic backdrop, captivating the eyes of all who beheld them. “We are enjoying this cold weather”, Azmatullah, a young man in Quetta says.

Scenic Beauty After Snowfall

Despite the scenic beauty, the plummeting temperatures caused discomfort among the populace. With the mercury dropping, the demand for gas and electricity surged, exacerbating the existing load-shedding issues. Many residents found themselves grappling with prolonged periods of darkness and cold, further complicating daily life routines.

“The snowfall is a breathtaking sight, but it also brings its share of challenges,” remarked, Muhammad Ramazan, a resident from Quetta. “The lack of consistent gas and power supply makes it difficult to stay warm and carry out daily activities, especially during these cold winter days.”

Authorities Urged To Ensure Gas And Power Supplies

Authorities have been urged to address the gas and power supply issues promptly to alleviate the hardships faced by the residents. Meanwhile, locals are advised to take necessary precautions to stay warm and safe during the inclement weather conditions.

As the snowfall continues to enchant the region, efforts to mitigate the impact of gas and power outages remain paramount, ensuring that communities can endure the winter chill with resilience and fortitude.

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