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QUETTA: The Meteorological Department has issued a weather advisory forecasting significant rain and snowfall across various regions of Balochistan. According to the latest updates, a series of westerly winds is expected to sweep across the province, bringing precipitation and potentially disrupting normal activities till February 26.

Feb 25th And 26th Rain And Snow Anticipated

The Meteorological Department has specifically highlighted the nights of February 25th and 26th as periods of heightened activity, with rain and snowfall anticipated in numerous areas. Rainfall is expected in Quetta, Chagai, Nushki, Kharan, Gwadar, Panjgur, Awaran, and Khuzdar, among others.

Additionally, snowfall is forecasted for Quetta, Kalat, Ziarat, Chaman, Pishin, Qila Abdullah, and Qila Saifullah, particularly affecting mountainous regions. The weather department warns that heavy rainfall may occur in isolated areas, potentially leading to localized flooding.

Road Blockades Expected

The onset of snowfall in Quetta and northern Balochistan regions raises concerns regarding road blockages and disruptions to traffic flow. The Meteorological Department advises travelers to exercise caution and remain updated on weather conditions before embarking on journeys.

Furthermore, there is a looming threat of flooding in rivers and canals, particularly in Quetta, Gwadar, Kech, Panjgur, and Awaran. Concerned agencies have been urged to maintain vigilance and take necessary precautions to mitigate potential damages.

Impending Weather Conditions

In light of the impending weather conditions, all relevant authorities are directed to stay alert and respond promptly to any emergent situations. The Meteorological Department emphasizes the importance of preparedness and cooperation to minimize the impact of adverse weather on the residents of Balochistan.

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