CM Balochistan orders formation of JIT to probe into Barkhan killings
These ambulances are carrying three dead bodies from Barkhan to Quetta: Photo taken from social media

Abdul Nafi Kakar:

KILLA SAIFULLAH: In a tragic turn of events, the serene landscape of Balochistan’s Killa Saifullah district was shattered by a brutal incident that claimed the lives of six local tribesmen. The bodies were discovered amidst the stark beauty of the region, highlighting the grim reality of unresolved tribal disputes.

According to initial reports, the victims, identified as members of local tribes, fell victim to what appears to be a longstanding feud between rival factions. The motive behind this heinous act, rooted in age-old grievances, serves as a stark reminder of the complexities underlying tribal dynamics in the region.

Levies Reached The Spot

Authorities swiftly responded to the scene, orchestrating the transportation of the deceased to the nearest hospital for further examination. The sight of the lifeless bodies being shifted, a somber procession against the backdrop of Balochistan’s rugged terrain, paints a poignant picture of loss and tragedy.

As investigations unfold, questions linger about the circumstances leading to this senseless violence and the mechanisms needed to address deep-seated conflicts within the tribal fabric. The incident serves as a wake-up call for concerted efforts towards reconciliation and peace-building initiatives in the region.

In a land where tradition intertwines with modernity, where the echoes of the past resonate with the aspirations of the future, the loss of six lives stands as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for dialogue and understanding to pave the way for harmonious coexistence.

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  1. Sir you think these were elections? Whole nation they trying to fool, as nation our already very poor credibility further deterioted, why wasted rources and lost of precious lives in last elections, billlions of ruppes sufficent to install 100 factories across pakistan creating employement opportunities for hundreed of thousands and taking care of millions through employong them in those factories

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