File Photo: Floods have damaged Quetta-Karachi highway, which has caused the suspension of traffic: Photo grabbed from a video on social media

Behram Baloch: 

GWADAR: In a devastating turn of events, heavy rains have wreaked havoc in Ormara, leading to the suspension of traffic flow on the vital Makran Coastal Highway. The Bisul River, in Ormara, overflowed due to severe flooding, causing a disruption in traffic at the critical Bisul Bridge.

The Bisul Bridge, a key thoroughfare, has been submerged as floodwaters from the Bisul River cross the relay road, leaving commuters stranded on both sides. The severe flooding has resulted in long queues of vehicles on the Bisul Bridge, with travelers facing significant challenges.

Commuters Expecting Severe Disruptions

Commuters on the Makran Coastal Highway are experiencing severe disruptions, with traffic flow halted due to the flooding caused by the overflowing Bisul River. The situation has further escalated as floodwaters continue to cross the Makran Coastal Highway, making it impassable.

Adding to the chaos, heavy rains in Makula have led to a substantial release of water from the spillway of the dam. The flood relays from Makula Dam are now crossing the Makran Coastal Highway, exacerbating the traffic woes for commuters.

Flooded Rails Causing Additional Complications

Makola on the Coastal Highway is also severely affected, with flooded rails causing additional complications for travelers. The combined impact of heavy rains, river overflow, and dam releases has created a dire situation along the Makran Coastal Highway, leaving commuters stranded and traffic paralyzed.

Authorities are urging residents and travelers to exercise caution, and emergency response teams are being deployed to assist those affected by the unprecedented weather conditions. The situation remains fluid, with ongoing efforts to mitigate the impact of the floods on the region. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation.

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