File Photo: Floods in Balochistan

Syed Ali Shah: 

QUETTA: Caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan, Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki, has activated the Provincial Disaster Management Authority’s monitoring room, launching a comprehensive rescue operation in response to the ongoing rain and snowfall emergencies across the region.

Emergency Directives: The Chief Minister directed Divisional Commissioners to gear up for emergency measures, emphasizing swift action. Immediate directives were issued to the Quetta Municipal Corporation administrator to drain rainwater promptly, while the PDMA was tasked with leading rescue operations and restoring communication and municipal services in affected areas.

Gwadar Dam Burst: The heavy rain in Gwadar led to a critical situation as the under-construction Bisol Dam burst under pressure. The flood line, triggered by the released water, is currently crossing the Makran Coastal Highway.

Traffic Halted at Ormara: As a precautionary measure, traffic on the Makran Coastal Highway has been halted at Ormara due to the imminent danger posed by floodwaters. Coastal Highway Police are advising passengers to avoid the affected route.

Severe Weather Impacts: Turbat and Sami are grappling with severe flooding in their rivers, while Khan Mehtarzai, Ziarat, and Kozhak Top in Chaman are experiencing heavy snowfall.

PDMA’s Rapid Response: To address the challenges posed by the snowfall, the PDMA has deployed staff and heavy machinery since last night. PDMA personnel are tirelessly working to keep roads open for all traffic types, ensuring safe passage through snow-cleared highways.

Director General’s Instructions: PDMA’s Director General, Jehanzaib Khan, issued critical instructions for the deployment of resources and staff to address the unfolding crisis. The control room is operating 24/7, maintaining constant communication with district administrations.

Ongoing Monitoring and Safety Measures: As authorities actively engage in managing the impact of severe weather conditions, residents are advised to stay updated on the latest developments and adhere to safety instructions issued by local authorities.

This story will be updated as the situation develops.

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