File Photo: Patients and attendants inside a ward in civil hospital Quetta. Doctors suspended services in all government run hospitals

Manan Mandokhail:

QUETTA: In a move that has sparked both concerns, the Secretary of Health in Balochistan, Abdullah Khan, has directed the Healthcare Commission to take stringent action against unregistered hospitals and those failing to meet the required standards. The crackdown comes as a response to the growing number of non-standard private hospitals that allegedly jeopardize the health and well-being of patients.

The Secretary’s directives have placed the Healthcare Commission in the spotlight, charging it with the responsibility to improve and regulate the services of private healthcare facilities across the province. Critics argue that while the intention to enhance healthcare standards is commendable, the sudden crackdown raises questions about the preparedness and feasibility of such a swift and broad-scale intervention.

CEO Healthcare Commission Issues Directives To Hospitals

The CEO of the Healthcare Commission, under pressure to demonstrate efficiency, has issued directives to private hospitals, urging them to take immediate steps to comply with the established standards. The move, however, has been met with mixed reactions from private healthcare providers who claim that the sudden demands for compliance may lead to disruptions in patient care and operational challenges.

One of the primary concerns expressed by healthcare professionals is the potential impact on patient access to essential medical services. Many private hospitals, some of which have been in operation for years, now find themselves scrambling to meet the regulatory requirements set forth by the Healthcare Commission.

Sale Of Medicines To Be Regularized: Abdullah Khan

In addition to the crackdown on hospital standards, Secretary Abdullah Khan’s health department is also taking steps to regularize the sale of medicines, a move aimed at ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals in the province. Drug inspectors are expected to conduct regular monitoring activities to enforce compliance with the new regulations.

While the initiative to regulate the healthcare sector and ensure the safety of patients is laudable, critics argue that a more phased and consultative approach would have been prudent. The sudden crackdown has left many private hospitals in a state of uncertainty, with concerns about potential disruptions to healthcare services.

As the Healthcare Commission begins its enforcement actions, the balancing act between raising healthcare standards and avoiding unintended consequences will undoubtedly be closely watched by stakeholders across Balochistan.

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