Birds taken into possession by Wildlife and forest department

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QUETTA: In an ongoing effort to combat illegal wildlife activities, Mehmood Khan, Deputy Conservator of the Quetta Wildlife Department, has reported successful operations alongside the local police in various areas of Quetta. The joint operations resulted in the recovery of seven specimens of a rare breed, which have now been securely taken into possession.

Furthermore, at Koela Phatak Samingali Road, the collaborative efforts led to the retrieval of 3 Shaheen, 20 Bank Myna, and 15 Bulbul. Unfortunately, the perpetrators managed to evade capture, but both the wildlife department and the police are actively pursuing the individuals involved.

Birds Belong To Wild And Rare Species

Deputy Conservator Mehmood Khan emphasized that these captured birds belong to wild and rare species facing the threat of endangerment. He highlighted the illegal nature of possessing or selling such birds, as it violates Schedule III of the Wildlife Act, 2014, carrying penalties of imprisonment and fines. A thorough investigation into the illicit trade of these wild and rare birds is currently underway, with subsequent actions to be taken based on the findings.

Mehmood Khan shared additional information about the Kanji, a migratory bird native to Siberia, which journeys to Pakistan and other warmer regions before the onset of winter, returning to Siberia as spring begins. This insight adds depth to the significance of protecting these migratory species and reinforces the importance of upholding wildlife conservation laws. Authorities remain committed to curbing illegal wildlife trade and ensuring the safety of these rare and valuable creatures.

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