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SIBIAt least two people were injured in a blast in the Mithri area of Sibi, Pakistan, on Friday morning. Levies sources reported that an improvised explosive device (IED) planted by unknown miscreants caused the explosion.

The blast occurred near an under-construction road in the general area of Mithri Bhagra Raisani Mithri Road Kharoo Sibi. The impact damaged a pickup truck and injured two individuals.

The injured, identified as Nazeer s/o Jan Muhammad from Dhaddar and another unidentified person, were rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. Nazeer reportedly sustained normal injuries, while the extent of the other person’s injuries remains unclear.

Levies forces immediately reached the scene and cordoned off the area. Forensic teams are currently investigating the site to gather evidence and determine the nature of the IED used.

Heightened Security Measures Implemented

Following the blast, security has been heightened in Mithri and surrounding areas. Levies and police personnel have been deployed in greater numbers to patrol the area and prevent further incidents. Checkpoints have also been established on key roads leading in and out of Mithri.

Investigation Ongoing

The motive behind the blast and the identity of the perpetrators remain unknown. Levies officials are tight-lipped about the details of the investigation, citing ongoing efforts to gather evidence and track down the culprits.

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