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Imran Sumalani:

BOLAN: In a concerning incident near Dhadar in Bolan, a 12-inch diameter gas pipeline suffered partial damage due to an explosion in the Bolan mountainous area. The immediate aftermath saw a fire erupt along the gas pipeline, prompting a rapid response from the local Levies and Sui Gas teams.

The explosion reported near the Bolan River, resulted in the partial damage of a crucial 12-inch diameter gas pipeline. The Levies were quick to respond, and a subsequent fire broke out along the affected pipeline, escalating the urgency of the situation.

Gas Team On The Spot To Repair The Damaged Pipe

Upon receiving information about the incident, the Sui Gas staff promptly mobilized to the location of the explosion. The swift response aimed to assess the extent of the damage and mitigate any potential risks associated with the compromised gas pipeline.

Zonal Manager Gas assured that the safety of the surrounding areas is a top priority. The gas crew, along with a dedicated repair team, is set to commence operations after successfully extinguishing the fire. This proactive approach ensures a rapid resolution to the situation, preventing any further escalation of the incident.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation as Daily Quetta Voice always tries to publish information based on facts and figures from local and official sources in the area.

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