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As the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) awaits an impending judgment, it finds itself entangled in allegations that go beyond mere billing discrepancies. Increasing gas meter tampering exposes a systemic problem within the company in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan, prompting this editorial to underscore the urgent need for the SSGC to address these issues, especially in light of allegations linking some officials to major gas thieves.

A court order issued a few months ago brought to light the alarming rate of gas meter tampering, resulting in significant financial losses for the SSGC. These losses, coupled with allegations of illicit connections between certain officials and major gas thieves, unfairly burden the economically vulnerable. Unannounced load shedding has become an unfortunate norm, exacerbating the challenges faced by consumers already grappling with inadequate gas pressure and exorbitant bills.

SSGC Must Acknowledge The Gravity Of The Situation

The SSGC must acknowledge the gravity of the situation and take immediate steps to rectify its practices. The alleged ties between the company and those involved in gas theft not only raise ethical concerns but also perpetuate a vicious cycle of inequality. These connections, whether direct or indirect, erode public trust and undermine the integrity of the entire energy sector.

The impending judgment marks a pivotal moment for the SSGC, going beyond financial implications for the company. This case will set a precedent for accountability within the energy sector, emphasizing the need for the SSGC to prioritize the welfare of its consumers and work towards restoring public trust in its operations.

Recent Protests In Quetta Underscores Urgency Of Situation

Recent protests in Quetta against overbilling and gas load shedding underscore the urgency of the situation. Allegations of disproportionate billing, variations in charges between regions, and inflated bills in Balochistan demand a thorough and transparent investigation. The company must demonstrate a commitment to fair and transparent billing for all consumers, regardless of their geographical location. Failure to address these issues not only harms the company’s reputation but deepens the existing trust deficit between the SSGC and its consumers.

Company Must Take Steps To Ensure Justice For Consumers

In conclusion, the Sui Southern Gas Company cannot afford to delay corrective measures any longer. The pursuit of gas justice necessitates immediate action, rectification of billing practices, and a commitment to transparency. Addressing these issues head-on is the only way for the SSGC to rebuild public trust and fulfill its responsibility to provide a reliable and equitable gas supply to all consumers. The company must act swiftly to prevent further harm to its reputation and, more importantly, to ensure justice for its consumers.

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