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In a strategic move ahead of the upcoming general elections on February 8, 2024, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) and the National Party (NP) are in talks to forge an electoral alliance in certain constituencies in Balochistan. Former Chief Minister of Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan, confirmed that both parties have reached an understanding to collaborate in key districts.

Negotiations are underway for seat-to-seat adjustments and electoral alliances in districts such as Awaran, Lasbela, Hub, and other parts of Balochistan. “There is a possibility of an electoral alliance,” stated Jam Kamal, emphasizing the ongoing discussions between the two political entities.

Dr. Malik Baloch And Jam Kamal Met

Jam Kamal recently held a crucial meeting with Dr. Malik Baloch, Chief of NP and former Chief Minister of Balochistan, to discuss the prospects of forming an electoral alliance in select constituencies. The history between the two parties indicates a positive political relationship, with PML N having nominated Dr. Malik Baloch as Chief Minister of Balochistan during the 2013 general elections, despite having a majority in the Balochistan Assembly.

The Central Secretary General of NP, Jan Muhammad Buledi, expressed optimism about the potential alliance, noting that negotiations could include Awaran and Lasbela constituencies.

Jan Buledi Expresses Optimism About An Alliance

Political observers point out that Jam Kamal Khan has strategically expanded his political influence in Awaran, possibly as a response to challenges from his arch-rival Mir Quddus Bizenjo, the former CM of Balochistan. Bizenjo has reportedly sought to exert pressure on Jam Kamal in Hub and Lasbela districts, particularly during his tenure, which resulted in the designation of Hub as a district to counter the impact of Jam Kamal’s political stronghold.

PML N Garnger Support Of Influential Figures

Sources suggest that the PML N has successfully garnered the support of influential figures in Balochistan, positioning itself to form a coalition government in the province. The alliance between PML N and NP is seen as a significant development that could shape the political landscape in Balochistan.

As the electoral alliance discussions progress, the outcome is expected to have implications for the distribution of seats and power dynamics in the region. Political analysts are closely monitoring these developments, anticipating their impact on the upcoming general elections and the subsequent formation of the provincial government.

This news story aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the ongoing negotiations between PML N and NP, shedding light on the historical context and potential implications for the political landscape in Balochistan.

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