Khadija Shah outside the court after court granted bail to her

Syed Ali Shah:

QUETTA: In a significant development, a local court in Quetta on Thursday approved bail for the celebrated fashion designer and artist Khadija Shah, who was implicated in a May 9 case. The Anti-Terrorists Court (ATC) Quetta, presided over by Judge Saadat Khan Bazai, issued the bail order in response to an application submitted by Shah’s legal representative, Syed Iqbal Shah Advocate.

According to court sources, Quetta police had sought transit remand, citing charges of murder and attempted murder against Shah at Quetta’s Bijli Road police station. Shah had been brought from Lahore earlier this month.

The court’s decision to grant bail was met with relief, as Shah’s lawyer argued for her release. Syed Iqbal Shah Advocate, representing the fashion designer, emphasized, “Khadija Shah was arrested in connection with May 9 protests outside BA Mall,” adding that they had challenged her arrest.

During the proceedings, Khadija Shah, accompanied by her six-year-old daughter and mother, was present. The police highlighted that they had obtained a warrant for Shah’s arrest from the ATC of Quetta.

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