File Photo: Jaffar Express left from Quetta to Peshawar after seven months: Photo taken from social media

Syed Ali Shah:

QUETTA: On a momentous occasion, Divisional Superintendent Railway, Yusuf Laghari announced the return of the Quetta-Karachi train service after a hiatus of one year and four months. Addressing the media, Laghari expressed his elation, stating, “Today is a happy day for Quetta as we witness the resumption of the much-awaited train service.”

Akbar Bugti Express To Be Back On The Track Soon

Adding to the joyous news, Laghari shared that Bolan Mail, a vital lifeline between Quetta and other cities, has been successfully restored after a lapse of one year and one month. He optimistically declared, “Inshallah, Bugti Express will also be back on track soon.”

Providing details on the revamped Bolan Mail, Laghari disclosed that the economy class fare remains a reasonable 2200 rupees, ensuring affordability for passengers. He further revealed plans to enhance the train’s capacity by adding 9 bogies from Quetta and an additional 3 bogies from Sabi, promising improved comfort and convenience for travelers.

700 Passengers Embarked On Their Journey From Quetta To Karachi

In the inaugural run of the revitalized Bolan Mail, an impressive 700 passengers embarked on their journey from Quetta to Karachi, marking a significant milestone in the restoration of rail connectivity. Laghari expressed gratitude to the passengers and reiterated the railways’ commitment to providing efficient and reliable services.

Highlighting the swift restoration of Bugti Express in just two months, Laghari underscored the railway’s dedication to reinstating essential services for the public. As the railway infrastructure continues to undergo improvements, the people of Quetta can look forward to enhanced connectivity and seamless travel experiences.

The revival of these train services not only signifies a return to normalcy but also serves as a testament to the tireless efforts of the railway authorities in overcoming challenges and ensuring the smooth functioning of crucial transportation links. As Quetta rejoices in the resumption of these services, the anticipation for Bugti Express’s return adds to the city’s optimism for a brighter and well-connected future.

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  1. Although restoration of Bolan bail is appreciated but should be run on daily basis as the train is the oldest mail train and has it’s own history, there is a need of restoring all the closed trains running from quetta to KPK , Punjab Sind , zahden and 2 passenger trains

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