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QUETTA: In a dramatic turn of events, Qasim Sori, the erstwhile deputy speaker of the national assembly, resurfaced on Sunday to submit his nomination papers for the crucial NA 263 Quetta constituency. A prominent member of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Mr. Sori’s return to the political forefront signals a strategic move in the face of challenging circumstances.

Qasim Sori Flanked By Party Loyalists

Accompanied by members of the PTI lawyers wing and other party leaders, Mr. Sori undertook the submission of his nomination papers for NA 263. His presence, flanked by party loyalists, underscores the significance of this electoral bid.

Qasim Sori’s recent return to the public eye follows a period of hiding, prompted by a nationwide crackdown against the PTI. The circumstances surrounding his reappearance add an air of intrigue to the unfolding political landscape.

Sori Wanted By Police In May 9 Case

Notably, Mr. Sori is not only navigating the complexities of electoral politics but also grappling with legal concerns. He is currently wanted by the police for alleged involvement in causing damages to public and private properties on the eve of May 9. The legal backdrop adds an extra layer of complexity to his political journey.

NA 263 Becomes A Focal Point Of Political Attention

As NA 263 becomes a focal point of political attention, the submission of Qasim Sori’s nomination papers sets the stage for a closely watched electoral contest. Stay tuned for further developments as this high-stakes political narrative continues to unfold.

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