Manan Mandokhail: 

QUETTA: In the heart of Balochistan, the political arena is abuzz as 2,049 nomination papers pour in, signaling a monumental stride toward democratic engagement. The National Assembly anticipates intense competition with 511 nominations for 16 seats, while the Provincial Assembly witnesses an even more spirited participation, boasting a staggering 1,387 nominations for 51 seats.

511 Candidates For 16 NA Seats, 1387 Candidates For 51 PA Seats

Election Commission Chief, Ejaz Anwar Chauhan, illuminates the democratic spirit transcending traditional boundaries, spotlighting ongoing submissions for women and minorities’ reserved seats. A commitment to diversity is evident in 17 nominations for women’s reserved seats in the National Assembly and a surge in interest in the Provincial Assembly with 54 submissions for women’s reserved seats.

28 Minorities In The Run

Active minority participation is showcased by 28 nominations for reserved seats in the provincial assembly. Chauhan underscores the significance of this inclusive approach for a truly representative and vibrant democracy.

With 151 nominations for reserved seats, a growing societal awareness unfolds. Balochistan braces for elections, witnessing a diverse and enthusiastic nomination process that foretells a promising democratic future.

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