SSG launches an awareness campaign in Quetta

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QUETTA: The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has kicked off its annual winter safety awareness campaign with a fleet march of service vans patrolling the city of Quetta. This initiative, spanning two decades, aims to prevent the loss of precious human lives caused by the careless use of gas heaters by emphasizing preventive measures.

Anwar Baloch, SSGC’s Regional General Manager for Balochistan, spoke to the media during the campaign launch, stressing the critical need for public awareness. He highlighted that despite the yearly execution of the campaign, fatal accidents often occur due to users’ negligence in handling gas heaters.

SSGC Determines To Provide Uninterrupted Supply

Baloch further reassured the public that the issue of gas pressure has been successfully addressed in central areas of Quetta city, including Sabzal Road and Sariyaab Road. According to him, the demand and supply of gas are now balanced throughout the city.

Salman Ahmed Siddiqui, SSGC’s Spokesperson, noted a significant reduction in the number of citizen deaths attributed to the awareness campaign. He acknowledged the crucial role played by the media in disseminating this vital message and expressed gratitude to the media fraternity for their partnership.

Media Contributed To The Success Of The Campaign

Siddiqui emphasized that the collaborative efforts of SSGC and the media have contributed to the success of the campaign in creating a safer environment for residents during the winter season. The campaign’s ongoing impact demonstrates the positive outcomes achievable through community engagement and responsible gas usage practices.

As winter unfolds, SSGC urges citizens to prioritize safety and adhere to the guidelines provided in the campaign to ensure a hazard-free heating season. Through continued awareness initiatives, the company remains committed to safeguarding lives and promoting a culture of responsible gas consumption in Quetta.

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