Transporters blocked main Quetta-Karachi highway

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QUETTA: Transport owners in Lakpas and Dasht Tera Mill areas have taken to the highway in protest following a recent Customs and Frontier Corps (FC) raids. The situation escalated as demonstrators blocked traffic by burning tires near prominent landmarks such as Lakpas Toll Plaza and Dasht, leading to extensive traffic disruptions on both sides of the road and the formation of long queues of vehicles.

There was no response from the customs and FC regarding the protest. A video obtained by This Daily shows the angry protesters smashing the glasses of customs vehicles in the Lak Pass area of Quetta.

The core grievance voiced by the protestors revolves around the alleged seizure of their goods and vehicles by FC and customs officials during a raid conducted the previous night. Asserting their demands, the protesters have vowed to persist with their demonstration until their confiscated vehicles and goods are returned.

Economic Concerns Fueling The Protest

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the business community has expressed discontent with the closure of the Chaman border, emphasizing that Turbat does not offer employment opportunities comparable to those in Gwadar. This sentiment underscores the broader economic concerns that are fueling the protest.

At the heart of the dispute is the claim that the seized vehicles, representing assets worth millions for traders, have historically transported goods across the border without systematic checks in place. The protestors argue that conducting raids within residential areas is an unjust form of treatment against traders and transport owners, as highlighted in their joint statement.

Protesters Demand Return Of Their Confiscated Goods

The demonstrators remain resolute in their commitment to the cause, insisting that the protest will endure until their goods and vehicles are released. The unfolding situation at Lakpas and Dasht Tera Mail serves as a poignant reflection of the tensions between the business community, transport owners, and authorities, with the outcomes of the protest poised to have significant ramifications for the local economy.

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