Former Speaker Balochistan Assembly, Rahila Durrani, Sardar Yaqoob Khan Nasar, Ahsan Iqbal during the PMLN meeting about Balochistan

From Our Correspondent:

LAHORE: In a recent PML-N Parliamentary Board meeting led by Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister placed a spotlight on the crucial issues of ticket distribution and development initiatives, with a special focus on Balochistan. Former Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan, Dostain Domki, former MNA, former provincial ministers Noor Muhammad Dumar, Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran and others attended the meeting.

This was the first formal meeting between the former lawmakers from the former ruling party Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) and former premier Nawaz Sharif in Lahore. The meeting discussed the distribution of tickets among the candidates for the upcoming general elections.

Former CM Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan and others during the PML N meeting

Transparent Ticket Allocation:

  • Nawaz Sharif emphasized the commitment to a transparent and merit-based approach in allocating tickets to candidates.
  • Stressed the importance of selecting candidates based on their profiles and addressing the ground realities specific to Balochistan.

Election Readiness and Vision:

  • Expressed confidence in PML-N’s preparedness for the upcoming general elections.
  • Pledged to prioritize the upliftment of the underprivileged in Balochistan and across the nation upon coming to power.

PML-N’s Development Initiatives in Balochistan:

  • Provided an overview of significant projects in Balochistan, including the construction of 400 small dams and the establishment of Danish schools.
  • Raised concerns about delays in critical infrastructure projects, highlighting the Quetta-Islamabad connectivity initiative’s importance for Balochistan.

Societal Well-being and Infrastructure Focus:

  • Announced plans for a solar panel scheme to provide affordable electricity to various sectors in Balochistan.
  • Pledged to address societal issues, focusing on education, health, and comprehensive infrastructure development in the region.

Call for Restoration of Civility:

  • Criticized the prevalence of negativity in society and promised to restore civility, decency, and respect.
  • Stressed the importance of social harmony and values in Balochistan and the broader context of the new Pakistan.

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