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QUETTA: Caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan, Ali Mardan Domki, has extended an invitation to disgruntled Baloch leaders for talks aimed at quelling unrest in the province. He made this offer during a grand peace jirga convened to address tribal conflicts and ongoing disturbances in Balochistan.

Emphasizing the need to halt terrorism and violence, the CM affirmed the government’s willingness to engage in lawful and constitutional dialogue with all parties. Domki urged tribal elders to actively contribute to resolving conflicts, describing them as “firefighters” in the process.

Tribal Disputes Claim Numerous Lives Across Balochistan

Tribal disputes have claimed numerous lives across Balochistan, affecting various regions of the province, which constitutes half of the country’s total area.

Sardar Omar Khan Gorgege, a Balochistan tribal elder, highlighted the importance of resolving local-level disputes and called on the government to facilitate reconciliation efforts.

Muslims Made Sacrifices For Creation Of Pakistan

Nawabzada Jamali Raisani, the caretaker sports minister of Balochistan, acknowledged the sacrifices made by Muslims in the creation of Pakistan, emphasizing the role played by his forefathers in the country’s establishment.

Former Commander Turned Advocate For Peace

Gulzar Shambay, a former militant commander turned advocate for peace, encouraged youth to reject violence and participate in the ongoing peace and development initiatives in Balochistan. He underscored the importance of political solutions through parliamentary politics and revealed ongoing negotiations with militants seeking resolution through political means.

Tribal elders collectively called for collaborative efforts to bring an end to tribal conflicts across Balochistan.

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  1. The Grand Jirga for Peace in Balochistan fell short of its intended objectives due to inadequate engagement with influential militant groups. Despite participation from various tribal leaders, a former separatist figure, and influential individuals, it failed to attract and engage larger militant groups critical to the peace process.
    Future efforts must focus on core objectives, strategically engage with dissatisfied factions, and prioritize political solutions to effectively address the region’s conflict and grievances.

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