File Photo: BCS officers staging protest demonstration outside the CS Balochistan office

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QUETTA: The Balochistan Civil Services (BCS), Executive Branch Officers Welfare Association’s cabinet has issued a strong response to a press conference by the BSS group. The cabinet accuses BSS of engaging in politics of upheaval, and blackmailin. It specifically points to a 2020 incident where the civil secretariat was allegedly held hostage for 54 days.

The statement questions the government’s inquiry into the 2020 incident, particularly regarding individuals who reportedly broke the gate of the Chief Minister Secretariat. It emphasizes the role of deputy commissioners in Balochistan, stating that they represent the government. The cabinet also asserts that field share is reserved for specific groups, namely the Pakistan Administrative Service and BCS.

BSS Officers Criticized

Furthermore, the statement advises BSS against protesting and suggests they seek participation in institutions such as the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy, Customs, and Police Service of Pakistan. It strongly opposes any attempts to fulfill what it perceives as illegal desires, especially regarding field share.

The cabinet concludes by mentioning the competitive exam for becoming a Deputy Commissioner and warns against unacceptable practices like marriage through illegal means. It threatens disciplinary action, including legal measures for defamation, insult, and slander against the Deputy Commissioner.

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