Banners installed on all main chowks of Quetta on the eve of 56th Youm e Tasees of PPP: Photo Daily Quetta Voice

Syed Ali Shah Analysis: 

In a political landscape often dominated by mainstream parties, Balochistan has long struggled to assert its presence and address the pressing issues that plague the province. As the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) gears up to organize a major political show in Quetta on November 30th, it marks a crucial opportunity to shed light on Balochistan’s sense of deprivation and catalyze tangible efforts towards its political, economic, and constitutional healing.

Balochistan Has Only 19 Out Of 342 Lawmakers In NA

Balochistan, with its vast and diverse landscape, has been historically marginalized, both politically and economically. The province’s minimal representation in the national assembly – a mere 19 lawmakers out of 342 – underscores the disproportionate influence it wields in national decision-making processes. This dearth of political stakes has perpetuated a cycle of neglect, hindering the province’s progress and exacerbating the prevailing sense of deprivation among its people.

Economic disparities further compound Balochistan’s challenges. Despite being rich in natural resources, the province continues to grapple with underdevelopment and poverty. The exploitation of its resources has often failed to translate into meaningful economic upliftment for its residents. The PPP’s decision to organize a power show in Quetta presents an opportune moment for all mainstream political parties to reevaluate their commitment to Balochistan’s economic development.

Mainstream Parties Should Go Beyond Words

Constitutional healing is equally imperative for Balochistan’s progress. The province has long faced issues related to governance, autonomy, and the fulfillment of its constitutional rights. Meaningful reforms are essential to address these concerns and ensure that Balochistan plays a more integral role in shaping the nation’s future.

While political rhetoric has acknowledged Balochistan’s challenges, it is now time for action. Mainstream political parties must move beyond mere promises and take concrete steps to address the province’s multifaceted issues. This involves not only policy initiatives but also a sustained commitment to empowering Balochistan politically, economically, and constitutionally.

As the PPP takes center stage in Quetta, let this event serve as a catalyst for change. Balochistan’s call for attention and action should resonate with all political stakeholders, inspiring collaborative efforts to uplift the province from its current state of backwardness. The power show should mark the beginning of a renewed commitment to Balochistan’s prosperity – a commitment that goes beyond words and translates into the meaningful transformation the province urgently needs.

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