File Photo: Angry protesters blocked road against the unannounced load shedding in Quetta: Photo taken from social media

Staff Reporter:

QUETTA: The unannounced and prolonged gas load shedding sparked a public outcry in the provincial capital as the protesters blocked roads and streets. On Monday afternoon, a large number of citizens took to Sariab Road, Magsi Chowk, and other parts of the city to vent their anger against the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC).

“Gas load shedding has made us crazy”, Noor Muhammad, one of the protesters with a bushy black beard lamented. He said despite repeated appeals and notices, the SSGC was reluctant to address the issue of unannounced and prolonged gas load shedding in the area.

Worst Traffic Jam In The City

The protest caused the blockade of roads and the provincial capital witnessed the worst traffic jam. The protesters burnt tires and chanted full-throated slogans to mount pressure on the authorities to address the issue of gas load shedding in the area.

“We want justice”, Noor Muhammad said. Like Noor, scores of protesters were demanding that the provincial and federal governments take notice of their protest and address the issue once and for all.

Common citizens faced difficulties as a result of protest demonstrations staged by the people, which caused the blockade of roads. They failed to reach their destinations on time. Especially, women, children, and aged people remained the worst sufferers of the protest demonstration.


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