Plight of wood and cement made chairs on Quetta Airport Road: Photo Manan Mandokhail

Syed Ali Shah:

QUETTA: In a shocking turn of events, the Balochistan government splurged millions of rupees on the beautification project of Quetta’s Airport Road, only to neglect the crucial aspect of implementing a maintenance mechanism. The project primarily focused on constructing aesthetically pleasing beauty walls along the roadside, but the lack of foresight has led to unforeseen consequences.

Heroin Addicts Take Away Irons, Wood

Disturbingly, heroin addicts have taken advantage of the situation, pilfering irons and wood without any effective checks in place. “Addicts take away irons and wood and sell them in the market”, Muhammad Ajmal, a citizen lamented. He said the government merely constructed beauty walls and then abandoned the project.

Officials Tight-Lippled About The Project

Daily Quetta Voice sought to shed light on the issue by reaching out to the responsible authorities for a response, but to no avail. The officials remained tight-lipped, offering zero explanation or accountability for the oversight.

Mismanagement Of Public Funds

As the once-beautiful project now stands marred by negligence, concerns grow over the mismanagement of public funds and the compromised safety of the beautified area.”Public money wasted”, Zubair Khan, another citizen intervened and lamented. He demanded of the Balochistan government to take action against the responsible persons.

The lavish investment in aesthetics appears to have overlooked the essential element of ongoing maintenance, leaving the Quetta Airport Road project in a state of disarray.

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