File Photo: A lady health worker administering anti polio drops to a child in Balochistan


In a crucial stride to fortify its polio-free status, Balochistan launched an ambitious anti-polio campaign, reaching out to over 2.5 million children below the age of five. The dedication of 11,000 teams strategically positioned across the province symbolizes a collective determination to combat the poliovirus.

However, amidst this proactive effort, unsettling news surfaces. Environmental samples from Quetta, Hub, Dera Bugti, and Chaman test positive for the virus, casting a shadow on the region’s hard-won progress. This alarming development is a stark reminder that the fight against polio is far from over.

Polio-Free Balochistan, A Hard-Won Progress

Syed Zahid Shah, Chief of the Emergency Operation Cell, passionately calls upon parents to actively cooperate, underscoring the urgency of ensuring that their children receive the indispensable anti-polio drops. It is imperative for every citizen to recognize their role in this monumental endeavor.

The collaborative spirit demonstrated by the government, UNICEF, WHO, and various organizations is commendable. However, the recent environmental samples pose a looming threat, demanding intensified efforts and collaboration. It is crucial for these entities to join hands in a unified front against the crippling virus.

Govt And Orgs Should Intensify Their Efforts

This editorial urges the government and relevant organizations to intensify their efforts, pooling resources and expertise to confront and eliminate this newfound challenge. The preservation of Balochistan’s polio-free legacy, meticulously upheld for over two years, demands immediate action. The time to act is now, to secure the health and future of Balochistan’s children, ensuring a polio-free landscape for generations to come.

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