Christian community staging a protest demonstration against the occupation of graveyard in Quetta: Photo grabbed from a video shared by Daily Intekhab

Staff Reporter:

QUETTA: The Christian community in Quetta staged a protest demonstration against the alleged occupation of an ancient graveyard by a land mafia. Community leaders passionately declared that the sacred site, with roots dating back a century, stood as a testament to their history and identity.

The leaders lamented the intrusion into the graveyard, revealing that it housed 480 graves belonging to the Christian community. These final resting places, they emphasized, held deep cultural and historical significance for the community, tracing their roots to the establishment of Pakistan.

Protesters Were Carrying Placards And Banners

The protesters passionately asserted that the Christian community had played an integral role in the foundation of the nation, underscoring their commitment to its progress and prosperity. Women, a significant part of the community, also actively participated in the demonstration, raising their voices in solidarity.

Amidst banners and heartfelt chants, the protesters called for immediate action against the encroachment on their sacred grounds. Their plea echoed through the streets, demanding justice and protection for the historical legacy embedded in the ancient Christian graveyard. The community’s resilience and determination shone through as they stood united in defense of their cultural heritage.

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