Governor Balochistan, Malik Wali Khan Kakar addressing a function about 16-days of activism about violence against women: Photo provided by DGPR

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QUETTA: In a significant move during the inaugural ceremony of sixteen days of activism against violence against women, Governor Balochistan, Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar underscored the untapped potential of women in the province. He lamented the lack of opportunities and facilities for women, emphasizing that societal neglect has hindered women’s progress in various aspects of life.

Addressing the gathering, Governor Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar praised the initiative to combat violence against women, considering it a commendable effort. He highlighted the need for society to appreciate every endeavor aimed at preventing violence against women. The ceremony, attended by notable figures including Minister Shania Khan, former Balochistan Speaker Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani, and others, marked a positive step toward addressing the challenges faced by women.

Increased Female Representation In Parliament Demanded

Governor Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar stressed the responsibility to protect women’s rights and powers, expressing his desire for increased female representation in parliament. He condemned the cowardly acts of violence against women, citing them as contradictions to the rich values and traditions of the province. The governor acknowledged the economic dependence of women on men and urged society to ensure the observance of women’s rights, especially economic independence.

Socio-Economic Security OF Women Demanded

Advocating for education in rural areas, Governor Balochistan suggested a comprehensive policy at the provincial level for the socio-economic security of women home-based workers and the imparting of modern skills. He recommended a continuous awareness campaign over the next sixteen days to highlight the dignity of women.

In conclusion, Governor Balochistan distributed commemorative shields to the event’s organizers and participants, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in promoting and securing the well-being of women in the region.

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