Melissa Corkum administering anti polio drops to children under the age of five years in Quetta; Photo taken from the X account of PakFightsPolio

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QUETTA: In a dedicated effort to combat the threat of polio, Melissa Corkum, UNICEF Polio Team Lead in Pakistan, took charge by personally administering polio drops to children across various parts of Quetta. Her hands-on approach not only showcased her commitment but also served as a motivating force for the anti-polio workers on the ground. Syed Zahid Shah, the Chief of the emergency operation cell (EOC), and other officials also accompanied the UNICEF team lead.

Melissa’s Presence Brought A Renewed Sense Of Urgency

Melissa’s presence brought a renewed sense of urgency to the battle against the crippling disease. She actively engaged with the frontline workers, encouraging them to persist in their tireless efforts to ensure every child receives the life-saving vaccine. Her leadership played a pivotal role in fostering a collective determination to eradicate polio from the region.

Balochistan Polio Free

Balochistan, under the steadfast commitment of the government, has achieved a significant milestone by remaining polio-free for more than two years. This accomplishment reflects the collaborative spirit between health officials, UNICEF, and the dedicated workers in the field.

Melissa Corkum’s hands-on involvement serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication required to maintain this vital progress, reinforcing the importance of ongoing vigilance and collective action in the fight against polio.

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