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QUETTA: In a groundbreaking move aimed at enhancing opportunities for the youth, Balochistan’s Caretaker Finance Minister, Amjad Rashid, revealed on Thursday the government’s ambitious plan to send thousands of young individuals abroad to capitalize on employment prospects. In an exclusive interview with Daily Quetta Voice, Minister Rashid disclosed that over 12,000 youth have already enrolled in the Prime Minister’s skill development program.


PM Skills Development Program Launched In Balochistan

The minister emphasized that the primary objective is to elevate the living standards of the youth while fostering economic growth through remittances sent back to Pakistan. He underscored the joint commitment of the Balochistan and federal governments to create new avenues of employment for the province’s unemployed population.

Korea, Europe, and the Middle East The Best Destination

Minister Amjad Rashid articulated the global demand for Pakistani manpower, citing regions such as Korea, Europe, and the Middle East. However, he stressed the importance of ensuring that the youth possess the necessary skills and training to meet the escalating demands of the international job market. “We aspire to equip every aspiring individual with the skills required to secure the best jobs abroad,” Rashid asserted.

Youth To Contribute Significantly To The National Economy

This strategic initiative aligns with the government’s vision to not only address unemployment but also contribute significantly to the national economy through the export of skilled labor. As the program progresses, it is anticipated to empower a new generation of skilled professionals, fostering economic prosperity and elevating Pakistan’s standing in the international arena.

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